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Wellcome to My ADP Login, With ADP clients receive self-service tools for employees and managers, such as the widely used ADP Mobile app, to access paychecks, W-2s, timecards, profit information and more; proactive compliance and regulatory warnings, an external perspective in making HR and business decisions with the help of ADP Benchmarking, ADP Research Institute and ADP Professional Services. ADP is one of the oldest and greatest services to incorporate comprehensive and technical data management systems to control and manage various aspects of the company.

This system serves every company from small businesses from 1 to 49 employees to multinational businesses. All company administrators can request ADP Login providers to support their business services by entering the system. Administrators and Employees, both are given a Login ID where they can enter different ADP service portals. You can access Talent Management, Professional Employers’ Organization, Health Care Reform, and other service sectors provided through various sites and portals. This is the only thing you can use to log in to the system. your business will be better and growing with ADP.

  1. To utilize the services provided by ADP, users must obtain their Registration Code. This code may be provided to employees by their supervisors or may be provided to users directly by mail from the service provider. If you do not have your Registration code then you should contact the administrator of your organization.
  2. You must activate the account activation process using your Registration code.
  3. If you are an Employee, then you need to access this site first. Enter your Registration code there and then select the “Go” tab there. There, you must fill in details to verify your identity, company and job role. You will receive an activation code to be entered into the system for verification. Send the same and then you will be able to set the username and password just like the employee.
  4. If you are an Employer / Administrator, you will receive an email with all details about the ID process, web links and account setup process. The process is similar to the employee details above which the site and its processing will be slightly different.

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